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Walt Bresette Memorial at Red Cliff
February 23, 2001

FROM: Leah La Pointe
Lake Superior Protection Coordinator
Red Cliff Tribal EPA Office
rctribal@ncis.net (715)779-3700, ext. 22

Dear Friends,

Boozhoo! We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. We are planning a memorial for Walter Bresette on Friday, February 23, 2001 here on the Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation north of Bayfield, Wis. We are going to start at 3:30 with a Memorial Walk/Run from the Bayfield School to the Red Cliff Bingo Hall. Then we are going to have at 5 pm an opening ceremony with honor songs, at 5:30 a chili and frybread meal, at 6 pm traditional storytelling by Delores Bainbridge,and at 7:30 pm there are going to be a few speakers (TBA) with their remembrances about Walt. From 9 to 10 pm will be traditional drumming by the Buffalo Bay Sobriety Singers Drum.

As you may be aware, last year Red Cliff hosted the WinterGREEN Gathering Conference and Powwow. The original idea was that Red Cliff would host the event for the first two years and then it would be passed on to different reservations. We have formed a Green Gathering committee and have decided on a different and more hands-on format for this year's activities. As always, these events are dedicated in the memory of Walter Bresette and keeping his ideas concerning the environment alive within our community.

We will be holding a series of mini-conferences throughout the year. These events will include traditionally relevant activities accompanied by workshops concerning environmental issues of the Lake Superior Basin. For instance, this spring we are planning a mini-conference about sugarbushing. There will also be speakers and workshops presenting environmental information about forestry and land use issues. The series of mini- conferences will incorporate how we affect our environment and in turn how our environment affects our traditions. We will be focusing on the youth population but any interested people are cordially invited to participate.

We invite everyone to attend the special February 23 memorial to Walter and kick-off to this year's Green Gathering activities. We believe in Walter's philosophies about preserving our environment for future generations, and we think this will be an excellent opportunity for all to come and share their experiences related to Walter and his causes. Please join us in celebrating Walter Bresette's life and honor all the good he brought to the Red Cliff community and Native communities throughout Wisconsin. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Leah La Pointe at (715) 779-3700 ext. 22.

Miigwetch and giga-waabamin!

Leah La Pointe
Lake Superior Protection Coordinator
On behalf of Green Gathering Committee

Red Cliff Tribal EPA Office
(715)779-3700, ext. 22

Protecting and preserving the environment for seven generations and beyond!

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Walt Bresette, Protector of the Earth............
About Walt Bresette on the Radio & on the Web

From: Sandy Lyon water@spacestar.net

Walt Bresette is a beloved man in the Lake Superior territory because he brought together people from different races to love and defend the earth. Sandy Lyon, Walt's partner and friend says, "Walt Bresette was like the North Star. He held up the sky over northern Wisconsin and the people followed him."

While he was visiting Duluth, Minnesota in late February Walt Bresette died from a heart attack. A Lake Superior Red Cliff Anishinabe. A loon clan member. Bresette was fifty one years old when he walked on.

During the nineteen eighties treaty struggle in Wisconsin when non-Indian sportsmen threatened tribal spear fishers Bresette organized an interracial Witness for Non-Violence to help keep the peace.

In 1997 Bresette helped blockade a train destined for a mine carrying sulfuric acid across a reservation. The mine eventually shut down from the public pressure.

A few years ago he walked across Wisconsin for the Seventh Generation constitutional amendment to protect our grandchildren's children from big corporations and government.

To further the work of Walt Bresette, his partner in Anishinabe Niijii, Sandy Lyon, along with Community Radio producer Nick Van Der Puy, have produced a 45 minute radio program with Walt's words, stories and laughter. The program was initially produced as an Earth Day Special for the AIROS (American Indian Radio on Satellite) network program Different Drums, which broadcast throughout the North American Continent on satellite. Different Drums, a music program of contemporary Native American Music, hosted by Tricia King and is heard every week.

The program can be heard around the world on the web. These times are all expressed in EDT - The show will simultaneously be uplinked for public radio on the AIROS channel, B68.2, and on the Internet at http://www.nativetelecom.org at the following times:

    Tue., 4/20: 1000, 1600, 2200
    Wed., 4/21: 0400
    Fri., 4/23: 1000, 1600, 2200
    Sat., 4/24: 0400, 1700
    Sun., 4/25: 0600, 1700
    Mon., 4/26: 0600

NOTE: Tuesday's Programs can be also be heard on WOJB in Haywood, Wisconsin at 88.9 FM

The Protect the Earth / Walt Bresette program is also available on tape from:
Anishinabe Niijii
Box 31 Springbrook, Wi. 54875

The cost is $12 for producing/handling and shipping. Please specify DAT or Cassette preference. Orders may be placed by emailing Anishinabe Niijii at the Protect the Earth email address, water@protecttheearth.com However, orders will not be mailed until payment is received.

Musicians heard on the tape are all friends of Walt Bresette's

In order of appearance they include:

    Frank "AnaQuad" Montano with his "Flute Song for the Cardinal"
    John Trudell with "Listening" from his tape "Tribal Voice"
    Bobby Bullet St.Germain with "Lac du Flambeau Reservation" and "The Fire Must Never Die"
    Floyd Westerman with "They Didn't Listen" from his "Custer Died for Your Sins" album
    Mitch Walking Elk with "I Am A Stone" from his CD of the same name.

All songs may be located through listener supported WOJB Woodland Community Radio owned and operated by the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. at http://www.wojb.org

For more information about Walt Bresette, visit Protect the Earth at http://www.protecttheearth.com


Artist Bill Krupinski has created a poster honoring Walt Bresette. The poster is printed in sepia-tone (dark brown) on parchment card stock measuring 11" by 17". Bill is selling the posters for $12.50 to $20 - (Pay more if you can!) - plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

Proceeds from the poster sales will be used to support Walt's kids. Send check or money order for $15 - $22.50 to:

ART First Studio, N3989 Hwy N, Jefferson WI 53549

This is legitimate and is not designed to take advantage of Walt's passing or his family. Please contact me if you have questions.

Peace, Thor
Thor Backus WSN coordinator
122 State #200 Madison WI 53703
email: tbackus@itis.com web: http://www.wsn.org

Important: Any groups or individuals planning memorials for Walt Bresette, or publishing his writings, should first inform and consult with his family: Cass, Katie, Claudia, and Robin. They can be reached at cjoy@mdcorp.org

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