Indians drop protest at Bloomington construction site where remains were found


Associated Press
September 9, 2004

A group of American Indians has broken camp at their protest of a construction site in Bloomington.

The Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community had pitched a tepee at the site after learning that Indian remains had been found there. Cultural chairman Jim Anderson said the group was wasting its time at the site -- and would take its cause to the state Legislature and the Bloomington City Council instead. He said the site should be turned into a memorial.

The band put up the tepee on August 26 after the remains of what is believed to be a Dakota native were unearthed during an archaeological survey.

The 47-acre site is near the Bloomington Central Station of the new Hiawatha light-rail line.

Bloomington officials have said any Indian remains at the site will probably be moved.




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