Nuclear waste in Indian Country

    nuclear waste


  1. "If not Yucca Mountain, then what?" An alternative plan for managing highly radioactive waste in the United States.
    Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

  2. Home Page for oversight of Yucca Mountain Repository in Nevada
    Eureka County, Nevada

  3. Dept. of Energy Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.
    Nuclear Information and Resource Service & World InformationService on Energy

  4. Earthquakes In The Vicinity Of Yucca Mountain
    State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects

  5. Update on High-Level Nuclear Waste
    American Geological Institute

  6. Yucca water runoff raises concern: Floods may pose radiation risk to communities
    Las Vegas Sun

  7. Yucca Mountain Information
    Shundahai Network

  8. 10,000 Years of the American Century: Reflections on Official U.S. Governmental Acknowledgements Regarding Nuclear Waste
    Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

  9. Voices from the Earth : Problems with the Yucca Mountain Site
    Southwest Research and Information Center

  10. State of Nevada and Related Findings Indicating that the Proposed Yucca Mountain Site is Not Suitable for Development as a Repository
    State of Nevada

  11. Project Shoal and Yucca Mountain - Selling Safety
    Michon Mackedon : Vice-Chairman, Nevada Commission on Nuclear Projects; English Faculty, Western Nevada Community College

  12. The Yucca Mountain Project
    The U.S. Dept. of Energy

  13. Bush signs bill making Yucca Mountain the nation's nuclear and radioactive waste site

  14. Congress Approves Yucca Nuclear Waste Dump

    nuclear waste


  1. Nuclear Waste Task Force Home Page
    Sierra Club

  2. Indigenous Anti-Nuclear Statement: Yucca Mountain and Private Fuel Storage at Skull Valley. Citizens Awareness Network � �The Peoples Summit on High-Level Radioactive Waste�, Wesleyan University Middletown, Connecticut, April 12-14, 2002
    Indigenous Environmental Network

  3. CRS Brief for Congress : IB92059: Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal
    National Council for Science and the Environment

  4. Yucca Vote Unlikely to Deter Skull Valley Dump

    nuclear waste


  1. Governor Leavitt's Position on high level nuclear waste at Skull Valley
    Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality

  2. Utah tribe welcomes nuclear waste; state doesn't
    Seattle Times

  3. Nuclear Free Great Basin Index
    Shundahai Network

  4. Skull Valley Goshute Indians Pursue Interim Waste Storage (includes map)
    Churchill County

  5. Doubt Cast on Prime Site as Nuclear Waste Dump

  6. Road to Utah : Skull Valley
    KUED Channel 7 University of Utah


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