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Fall 2000

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More positive developments in the effort to free Leonard Peltier!
* Amnesty urges Clinton to pardon Peltier
* About toll free calls to the White House
* Clemency May be Decided Soon: Its NOW or NEVER
* From LPDC & Amnesty International USA:
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Fax a letter to the White House supporting clemency for Leonard Peltier for Free! http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/usa/peltier/getInvolved.html



Send a free fax to President Clinton from the Global Exchange website:

Dear Friends,

Global Exchange has made it possible to reach the President in yet another way. Faxes are very effective forms of communication, and you can now send one for free by clicking on the site address above.

White House operators have reported that they are now getting a lot of calls from the FBI. According to the Washington Times, the FBI Agents Association, which represents more than three-quarters of the bureau's 11,000 active agents, is conducting a counter campaign. We also know that the Society of Former FBI Agents is doing the same. We cannot let them obstruct justice for Leonard Peltier again! With their endless resources, they have bought their own toll free number to the White House. In order to compete, we are going to literally "go for broke" and pay for a toll free number as well. The expense will be in the thousands, but we MUST prevail.


From: Northwest Leonard Peltier Support Network
P.O. BOX 5464
TACOMA, WA 98415-0464 USA
E-MAIL: NatAimer@aol.com or bayou@blarg.net

To The Signatories Of The Leonard Peltier Clemency Petition


First we wish to thank everyone who has signed onto the petition and thank those who have forwarded the petition to others. At this time over 650 people have responded.

We would like to answer some of the questions and concerns that have come into to us:

1. The wording of the petition was based upon the wording of the resolution passed by the California State Democratic Party Convention. The reason why we used that resolution was because members of his own party sent it to President Clinton. The Washington State Democratic Party Convention also passed a resolution, but we thought the California one was better worded.

2. This petition is a different type of e-mail petition, because we ask that everyone send a copy to President Clinton at:
President@whitehouse.gov and those that are able to print out copies of the petition please mail it to:

President Bill Clinton,
The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,
Washington, D.C. 20500

Please start sending the petition to Clinton as soon as we e-mail the petition back to you. The reason for this is so that President Clinton will get a massive amount of messages. We have moved this up because we have heard that Clinton may decide before the end of the month, but it is not clear which way he will decide.

3. The reason for this massive push is that there are strong signs that Clinton may decide, one way or another, before he leaves office. He has stated on radio that he will decide and he commented on receiving comments from both sides. We know that those that stand against Leonard are doing what they can to influence Clinton against Leonard and that means we must try to met that with even a stronger voice in support of Clemency. Everything we do now may make the difference.

Right now this is a defining moment in the over 24-year struggle to free Leonard. Though we are very hopeful that Leonard could be freed soon, we do realize two things: It will take the support of many people for it to happen and if the other side wins out we will not give up until Leonard is freed.


  1. Keep forwarding the petition to as many people and lists as possible.
  2. Call the White House Comments Line at (202) 456-1111. Write letters, get resolutions passed by organizations, pass around petitions and send them to: President Bill Clinton, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500, USA. In the northwest please send copies to the NWLPSN, out side of the northwest please send copies to: LPDC, P.O. BOX 583, LAWRENCE, KS 66044 USA.
  3. Those of you who can attend the Dec. 10th march in New York City, please do, for more information contact the LPDC at: e-mail; lpdc@idir.net or call (785) 842-5774. Those that cannot make the march you could organize a march or vigil in your local area. Some possible sites, Democratic Party Offices, Federal government buildings or outside of the U.S. at U.S. Embassies or consulates. Here in the state of Washington we will have a march and rally in Tacoma. Those that will organize events on that day please send notice of your event to the LPDC and to the NWLPSN. We at the NWLPSN will put together a list of places and sent it to organizers so that information can be used in press releases.
lpdc@idir.net Gets ads, articles and or letters to the editor in to newspapers.

For more information and updates on Leonard's case go to: www.free.peltier.org on the web.

Together we can make a difference and it will only be the will of the people that will free Leonard Peltier. Thank you.

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
Robert Free Susan Morales Arthur J. Miller


Below: LPDC media update, telephone update, and comments made today by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Congressman Ackerman.

Dear friends,

We are writing to update you on some MORE positive delevopments regarding the Leonard Peltier clemency effort. The White House officially released a statement last Monday reaffirming the President's commitment to deciding on Leonard Peltier's clemency petition before leaving office. The release prompted a media outburst. The story was covered by CNN, NPR, AP, the LA Times, USA Today, the Washington Post and numerous other papers.

We want to congratulate each of you for all of your phone calls, faxes, and letters. We have made it through a critical period, the Thanksgiving Holiday, without a denial and we are still going strong. Our advisors suspect that the White House released the statement in order to test the waters and find out what kind of reaction would ensue.

Let's give the White House an overwhelming reaction of support for Leonard Peltier's clemency! In our last urgent telephone action, we said we would update you after December 1st. Since there has been no decision, it is important to keep up and increase, the intensity of our calls. Please continue the daily calls through December 1st and on through the month of December. There is a good chance a decision will be made after the Freedom Walk (December 10) and before the Christmas Holiday, so please hang in there and keep up the great work!

Wait! more good news. Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now" has struck again. Today she posed questions to both Rev. Jesse Jackson and Congressman Ackerman. Here is what they said:

Excerpts of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now interviews on Leonard Peltier November 29, 2000 will air on November 30, 2000 Comments of Reverend Jesse Jackson, NY Democratic Congressmember Gary Ackerman

Amy Goodman: "Reverend Jackson, President Clinton says he's weighing executive clemency for Leonard Peltier, what are your thoughts on that?"

Jackson: "I hope that when he weighs it, he will free Peltier. He's been in jail a very long time for a crime he never committed in the first place. I hope that as an act of humanity that President Clinton will free Peltier."

Goodman: "Will you talk to him about it?"

Jackson: "I have."

Goodman: And what has he said?

Jackson: "He's weighing it."

New York Congressmember Gary Ackerman, ranking Democrat on Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere under the Committee on International Relations:

Goodman: President Clinton says he's weighing executive clemency for Leonard Peltier..."

New York Congressmember Gary Ackerman: "I think he should review it. There's no term limits on justice. Sometimes with the benefit of history and hindsight, sometimes some of these cases should be reviewed. It appears that he might have gotten a very bum rap based on the temperament of the times and the fervor of the feds and the dislike for people who protest".


Call the White House Comments Line Today Demand Justice for Leonard
Peltier! 202-456-1111
Be in New York City December 10th
Peltier Walk For Freedom!
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044
785-842-5774 www.freepeltier.org


Amnesty urges Clinton to pardon Peltier

By Mark Wilkinson

WASHINGTON, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Amnesty International on Thursday urged President Bill Clinton to pardon Leonard Peltier, an American Indian leader who has spent 24 years in prison for killing two FBI agents during the 1975 siege at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

The international human rights organization said Peltier's case was riddled with prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, fabrication of evidence and suppression of exculpatory evidence.

"We have believed since we first started working on the case (in 1977) that the legal proceedings did not reach the standards that trials ought to reach," Amnesty International spokesman Alistair Hodgett said in a telephone interview.

"(Prosecutors) were eager to find Leonard Peltier guilty," Hodgett said. "When there is a rush to convict, innocent people are convicted."

On June 26, 1975, FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler were shot and killed during a gunfight involving federal agents and American Indian activists at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

Peltier was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to two consecutive life terms in June 1977.

Hodgett said the trial judge refused to let a witness that could have swayed the jury's opinion take the stand and that prosecutors withheld a ballistics report that could have proved Peltier was not the killer.

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee says the FBI had singled out Peltier as a leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) and had made him and other AIM members the subjects of the so-called COINTELPRO program. The group said the program was aimed at silencing AIM through attacks and arrests.

Amnesty International stated it was concerned that the FBI had allegedly coerced witnesses into giving false testimony both to secure Peltier's extradition from Canada and his conviction.

"We have statements from people whose testimony was used in the original trial that in fact their statements were false," Hodgett said.

Hodgett cited the particular case of Myrtle Poor Bear, Peltier's then-girlfriend, who first told prosecutors she had seen him shoot the agents.

Later, she recanted her testimony, admitting she was 50 miles away from the scene when the shooting took place.

Although Peltier has exhausted all his legal options, Hodgett said he was confident all hope was not yet lost.

"The fact that this has remained on the political radar and on the agenda is a success. We'll be satisfied when he receives clemency," he said.

Amnesty International said that during a recent radio address on Pacifica Radio, Clinton said he owed it to both sides to consider the pardon request seriously.

Hodgett said if Clinton fails to grant Peltier presidential pardon, the organization would continue to push for his release. "We've outlasted many (presidents), so we'll continue to work on this case," he said.

Copyright 2000 Reuters Limited.



Dear Friends,

As you know, the FBI Agents Association and the Society of Former FBI Agents have organized a telephone campaign to the White House in an attempt to discourage a grant of executive clemency for Leonard Peltier. Combined, the two organizations have membership in the tens of thousands. They have purchased a toll free number for their membership to utilize when calling the White House.

Clearly their financial resources far outweigh our own. However, it is critical that we do not allow the FBI to drown us out. Therefore, we have also purchased a toll free number for Leonard Peltier supporters, who are unable to afford the long distance calls, to use. That number is: 1-877-561-1364. The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee will be paying by the minute for all toll free calls, a cost that will be extremely exorbitant. Calling the regular White House number (202-456-1111) on a daily basis averages about $2.00 -$5.00 a week per person. If you cannot afford this amount, or if you or people you know do not have access to long distance calling, please utilize our toll free number. If you can afford the $2.00-$5.00 a week, please do not use the toll free number. Don't be discouraged by the FBI's campaign. We still outnumber them by far, and if everyone does their part, we can win.



President Clinton on Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now
November 7, 2000.

Amy Goodman asked him point blank about Leonard Peltier;
here's what he said word for word:

Amy Goodman:
"What is your position on granting Leonard Peltier, the Native American activist, executive clemency?"
President Clinton:
"Well, I don't have a position I can announce yet. I think, I believe, there is a new application for him in there, and when I have time, after the election is over, I'm going to review all the remaining executive clemency applications and, you know, see what the merits dictates. I will try to do what I think the right thing to do is based on the evidence, and I've never had the time actually to sit down myself and review that case. I know it is very important to a lot of people, maybe on both sides of the issue, and I think I owe it to them to give it an honest look-see. So part of my responsibilities in the last ten weeks of office, after the election, will be to review the request for pardons and executive clemency and give them a fair hearing, and I pledge to do that."
Amy Goodman:
And you will give an answer in his case?
President Clinton:
"Oh yeah, I'll decide, one way or the other."


Calls for Freedom!

Call the Whitehouse every day (use the 800 number below)

Demand Clemency! (202)456-1111

Please call toll-free at 1-800/663-9566 (press zero to bypass the long recording) from 9 am - 5 pm Eastern time. You may also call Congress at the Switchboard (202)224-3121



From: "LPDC" lpdc@idir.net

FOR LEONARD PELTIER : 202-456-1111


Dear Friends,

We have some very exciting news for everyone ! President Clinton has publicly confirmed that Leonard's clemency petition has reached his office, and that it will be decided one way or the other in the very near future. Quite possibly, a decision could be made over the Thanksgivingn holiday!

It looks like critical decisions are being made in the White House RIGHT NOW.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard the last many years for Leonard. You have brought this case right up to Clinton's desk. But now we must work harder than ever for the next few weeks. We are down to the wire and this is literally a matter of life and death. It looks like Bush will be the new President, and you know what that means for clemency for Leonard.

It is now or never for telling the White House how we feel about the case. We are asking people to call every single day to the White House, starting now, and up through December 1. (We will send out new information then).While it is possible that a positive decision might take longer, we must make very sure that Leonard's case is not dropped from the list in the early stages.

The FBI camp has initiated their own phone campaign to the White House protesting clemency. WE MUST DROWN THEM OUT. Leonard's support across country is huge, but we must now make ourselves heard, more than ever.





To reach the White House Comments Line just call 202-456-1111. You will get a recording, but you can skip it by dialing "0" for the live people. What counts is that hundreds of calls come in every single day. Clinton needs to know he has our full support for Leonard's release.

You may get an operator who seems very interested in talking, or someone who does not want to talk at all and doesn't care. This doesn't matter at all either. Whoever answers your call, they must tally the total at the end of the day and send the numbers upstairs to Mr. Clinton.

Keep the message courteous and straightforward. Here is a sample :

  1. Identify yourself and your state and any nation you belong to.. any job title if you wish.
  2. Explain that you want Clinton to immediately and unconditionally release Mr.Peltier.
  3. Explain that Mr.Peltier never got a fair trial because the FBI coerced witnesses and concealed the ballistics test reflecting his innocence.
  4. Mr.Peltier especially deserves clemency because of his incredible record of good deeds behind bars.like sponsoring a Native scholarship program, adopting children in Central America, supporting battered women's centers and substance abuse programs, and sponsoring an annual Christmas clothing and toys drive for the children of Pine Ridge.
  5. Time is running out to resolve this national tragedy, because Peltier now suffers from diabetes, a heart condition and high blood pressure.
  6. Releasing Mr.Peltier will be an important first step in national reconciliation between the United States government and the Native American people of this country.

If you wish to write as well as call, the White House fax number is 202-456-2461





Call the White House Comments Line Today
Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier! 202-456-1111

Be in New York City December 10th
Peltier Walk For Freedom!

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044

Leonard Peltier "Prison Writings...My Life Is My Sun Dance"


"In March of 1975, alone, seven people were killed by violence, all the deaths unexplained, even though, by that time, the FBI had more than fifty agents swarming over Pine Ridge Reservation (prior to 1973 they had only two or three agents in the area, if that). Seems like the more FBIs we had around, the more murders we had. The call went out from traditional Oglala Lakota Elders from Pine Ridge, requesting that AIM come to the Oglala Nation and help protect them from these attacks. A number of warriors, myself included, volunteered to go.

However, we went with the understanding that we were in no way a military or paramilitary group. We weren't there to attack or kill or intimidate anybody, only to stand between the GOONs and the traditionalists with our bodies, our prayers and a small supply of defensive arms. We called ourselves a spiritual camp, and that's what we truly were. We were spirit-warriors, not mercenaries. We wanted peace, not conflict. The violence came from the other side, not from us. It was entirely unprovoked and obviously long planned. It also obviously went very wrong.

I can't believe that the FBI intended the deaths of their own agents. Their sorry excuse has been that those two agents blundered and trespassed onto the property that morning simply in order to arrest someone falsely accused of stealing a pair of used cowboy boots. That simply doesn't wash--not does it jibe with the fact that scores, even hundreds, of FBI agents, federal marshals, BIA police, and GOONs were all lying in wait in the immediate vicinity. It seems they thought they'd barge in on that phony pretext, draw some show of resistance from our AIM spiritual camp, then pounce on the compound with massive force."

{originally distributed by Kaonefeather..thanks!}




Leonard Peltier: Call to the White House

Calls to the White House to tell them what you think can be costly, but not if you know their toll-free 800 number. Just call 800-663-9566 during business hours.

Then hit 0 and tell the operator to connect you with a responsible person regarding your concern. With persistence you might get them to promise to tell it to Clinton or his staff, and let you know when they've done it. You can then write to that person and repeat your concern so they have it exactly. Ask their name and e-mail address if you want. Persistence pays !    "Martha Ture"

* We currently have 2190 (07/17/00) signatures supporting the release of Leonard Peltier. How many more can we get? Please sign the petition and forward the URL to everyone you know. http://www.petitiononline.com/Clemency/petition.html

* 11/01/2000 *

Dear Friends,

Amnesty International has put up a new action on behalf of Leonard Peltier--the American Indian Activist who has spent some 24 years in prison despite serious doubts about the fairness of his trial. Visitors to Amnesty's website can send an online appeal directly to President Clinton requesting that Clinton grant Peltier clemency.

Activists can send appeals by visiting http://www.amnestyusa.org/government .
Please distribute this action as widely as possible to your friends and colleagues.


Chris McGraw
Grassroots Advocacy Associate, Amnesty International USA



From: "LPDC" lpdc@idir.net
Nov. 4, 2000


Dear friends,

We have two new organizing tools available that will help in our efforts to gain Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier. The first is a video recording of the Congressional Briefing held earlier in the year and the second are specialized postcards to have people sign and send into the White House en mass. We also received a shipment of brand new T-shirts. Here are more details:

Leonard Peltier Congressional Briefing
This informative video was recorded in May of 2000 during a Congressional Briefing sponsored by Congressman Porter. Featured in the video is testimony from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu Tum; acclaimed human rights activist and attorney, Jennifer Harbury; Pine Ridge reign of terror survivor, Debbie White Plume; shoot-out survivor, Nilak Butler; LPDC spokesperson and survivor, Jean Day; former NPR journalist, Kevin McKiernan; Amnesty International Advocacy Director, Carlos Salinas; National Congress of American Indians Executive Officer, Ernie Stevens Jr., and Leonard Peltier's lawyer since trial and expert in FBI activities on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Bruce Ellison. You can use this tape to organize video showings to help raise awareness about the Peltier case and the current effort to free him.

We are requesting a donation to cover the cost of the video as well as shipping and handling. To receive a copy, please send a check or money order of $15.00 (includes s&h for priority mail) to LPDC, PO Box 583, Lawrence, KS 66044.

Postcards to the White House:
Postcards are a very effective, easy, and cost efficient resource to use in showing our support for Executive Clemency. We have produced postcards that are pre-addressed to the White House. They feature a photo of all of the people listed in the above video (the photo was taken at a press conference on the same day), as well as author Peter Matthiessen and Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett of the Methodist Church, standing under an Amnesty International Banner, and holding a Free Leonard Peltier sign.

We are requesting a donation for the cost of shipping and handling, and production of the post cards. For a bundle of 100, please send a check or money order of $15 (includes s&h priority mail)to the LPDC, PO Box 583 Lawrence, KS, 66044.

When having friends, family, and community supporters fill out the postcards, they do not need to write a lot. A simple, "Dear President Clinton, I support Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier" will do the trick. Be sure each person includes their full name and address in order for it to be valid. You can either send them in bunches to the White House, or put a .20 stamp on each one. When tabling, you might want to ask people to contribute .50 or so for each postcard to cover your cost and postage.

We have new black T-shirts with a red and white design featuring a profile of Leonard Peltier behind bars, with an eagle flying out of the cell, and the words "Clemency Now, Leonard Peltier Justice Campaign 2000" circling the design. These shirts are limited editions available only until the clemency effort concludes. Get yours now!

Send a $20 donation in the form of a check or money order to LPDC, PO Box 583, Lawrence, KS 66044. This amount includes priority shipping and handling.

Call the White House Comments Line Today
Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier! 202-456-1111

Be in New York City December 10th Peltier Walk For Freedom!



October 17, 2000
P.O. BOX 5464
TACOMA, WA 98415-0464
E-MAIL: bayou@blarg.net


As you read these words there is a great struggle going on. A struggle between the forces of repression and greed on one side and upon the other side stands justice, truth and the spirit of the people of who believe in these things. There is no neutral ground, there are no fences to sit upon in this struggle, for this is one struggle that has a direct impact on all people.

There are strong signs that President Clinton will decide, one way or another, on clemency for Leonard Peltier before he leaves office. Among the strongest signs of this has been the very active anti-clemency campaign carried on by the FBI, which has included ads in newspapers, web sites, pressuring newspapers to run anti-Peltier editorials, collecting signatures on petitions, and having Sen. Hyde try to hold illegal one- sided hearings against Leonard in the Senate. In no time in history has the FBI conducted such a public political campaign to influence a president, and they are doing it with outright lies.

Those of us who believe in social justice must understand how great of a threat the FBI's actions are to the human rights of all people who live in this land. We must stand up to this challenge of repression and send a strong message of support for clemency for Leonard Peltier. The time is now for our collective and individual voices to be heard.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not just for the man who is Leonard Peltier. Though that is important also. For Leonard the person has had to endure the full extent of the repressive powers that can be used against one person who stands up for the people. But Leonard is more than just a case of a man standing strong against great powers, Leonard is also about standing up for others. From within the iron cage he has stood with the struggles of the people: prison conditions, freedom of religion, Zapatistas, Mumia Adu-Jamal, WTO protests, Indigenous struggles and so many other struggles of the people. Leonard has always stood in support and done what he could, even at the direct expense of his own well-being and his case. That is one reason why the forces of repression fear Leonard and keep him from his family and people.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not just as a statement of support of Indigenous struggles. Though that is important also. The U.S. Government has broken every treaty it signed with the Indigenous People of this land. From Pine Ridge to Big Mountain; from the fishing struggles of the northwest to the land struggles in the east; from the struggles against racist sports mascots to the outright murder of Native people across this land; from the continuing theft of Native land to the theft and suppression of Native culture; from the north to the south, from the east to the west, the policies against the Native Peoples' of this land continue. And Leonard Peltier has suffered the full genocidal impact of America's shameful legacy of crimes against the First People of this land.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not just as a fellow activist. Though that is important also. Leonard was targeted because he was an activist in the struggle's of his people. Though the federal government and the FBI have a long history of repression of activists who struggle for justice and social change, there is no case in which it can be more clearly proven that an activist was targeted, framed (fabricated evidence and intimated witnesses), and denied their Constitutional Rights by the federal government. Leonard's defense has disproven the government's case against him to the point that they have stated that they have no evidence left connecting him to the "crime" he was convicted for. If we allow this miscarriage of justice to continue then all activists are endanger of becoming the next Leonard Peltiers, for Leonard's case represents how far the government will go to repress the activists that speak out and organize against the wrongs in our society.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not just as part of the struggle against the rape of Mother Earth and the protection of the environment that we all are dependent upon. Though that is important also. In Leonard's case it is clear that the reason behind it is that the government and multinational mining and energy companies wanted to suppression all opposition to the theft of Lakota land where uranium had been found. They knew that the Traditional Lakota People, with help from AIM, would have stood against the stealing land of more of their land and raping Mother Earth to fuel nuclear power plants and build weapons of mass destruction. Leonard Peltier is thus an environmental political prisoner also.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not only as a statement against war and in favor of peace. Though that is important also. The question of war and peace has been an issue of the ages. Massive anti-war movements have been built here in the U.S. to resist the U.S. Government's wars abroad, and that has been very important. But you cannot change the nature of governmental policies of war if you do not change those policies here at home. From the days of the founding of the U.S. all the way to this day there has been a continuous, some times cold and some times hot, war against the First People of this land. There can be seen no peace in this land as long as this continues and Leonard Peltier is in prison, for he is a prisoner of that war.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, not just as a part of the struggle against the globalization of greed and power. Though that is important also. In the western hemisphere globalization started with Columbus. Every abuse that people speak about in the new resistance to globalization of greed and power, Indigenous People have suffered for over 500 years. What happened on Pine Ridge was a resistance to the very same globalzation that massive amounts of people have been struggling against in the streets across the world. Though the new resistance is very important, but it also needs to include the struggles of Indigenous People and understand that Leonard Peltier is imprisoned by those same forces of greed and power.

I plead with you to actively support Leonard Peltier, for the most important reason of all, for our children and the future generations to come. We give this world to those that come after us. Look into the eyes of the children around you and ask yourself what type of a world are we giving them? Think for a moment about their children to come, what we do today will effect their world also. Leonard Peltier represents the type of world we live in. Within the case of Leonard will be found connections to all the wrongs and hardships of the world of the past and present. If we do not act now and Leonard dies in prison then that is the injustice and tragedy our generation hands to the future generations, that is the world we give to our children. The day may come in some future time when the questions are asked: Why did this happen? And what did our generation do about it? The answers will be found in the actions taken by you and the rest of us today.

Though it may seem that we are seeking to stand up to far more powerful forces than ourselves, for they have money and influence that we cannot match; but each and everyone of us, as individuals and joined together collectively, possess power greater than all their gold. We have the power of the truth, and we have the power of the spirit of the people and that too is a powerful force, which they can never have for all the gold in the world cannot buy it. We can, armed with the power of truth and the spirit of the people, free Leonard Peltier now. I have no doubt about that. All we need is the desire to do so.

  1. Call the White House Comments Line as often as you can at: (202) 456-1111 and ask that President Clinton to grant Leonard Peltier clemency and/or write letters to: President Bill Clinton, 1600 Pennsylvanna Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.
  2. Go to organizations, tribes, unions, churches and so on and ask them to pass clemency resolutions and send them to President Clinton. Please send copies to: LPDC, P.O. Box 583, Lawrence, KS 66044.
  3. Circulate clemency petitions. If you don't have one write one up for yourself. In the northwest please send them to the NWLPSN, outside of the northwest please send them to the LPDC.
  4. Attend the Dec. 10th National Peltier March in New York (for more information contact LPDC at the above address or call them at: (785) 842-5774 or e-mail; lpdc@idir.net). If you cannot attend the march organize a solidarity march in your area. In the Northwest contact NWLPSN about the solidarity march we are organizing.
  5. If you receive a flier for a Peltier event please make copies of them and get them out to as many people as possible.
  6. Donate money and organize benefits. In the northwest please send donations to the NWLPSN, outside of the northwest please send them to the LPDC.
  7. Forward this e-mail statement to as many people and lists as possible.
  8. Take time out to learn about the case. Please check out on the web www.freepeltier.org. Everyone of us can make a difference and together we will free Leonard Peltier now! Please join us.

In The Spirit Of Total Resistance
Arthur J. Miller
NWLPSN--Tacoma Office



September 2000

Congressman Hyde Misusing Judiciary Committee
To Oppose Clemency For Peltier

According to the "Washington Times," Congressman Henry Hyde, who actively opposes Leonard Peltier�s release, is now heading a House Judiciary Committee "investigation" on the case of Leonard Peltier. He will be forwarding the results to President Clinton. Leonard Peltier�s attorneys have not been contacted by the House Judiciary Committee and the Judiciary Committee has not reviewed anything other than FBI information to our knowledge. Furthermore, Congressman John Conyers, the ranking democrat of the House Judiciary Committee and a supporter of Leonard Peltier�s, has not even been informed about, or included in the so-called investigation. Clearly Congressman Hyde is abusing the power of the House Judiciary Committee by disguising his opinion as an unbiased "investigation" in an attempt to interfere with the clemency process. Therefore, urgent action is needed to oppose this move. For more information, read the "Washington Times" article below. Be warned, the article is wrought with irresponsible misinformation�.not a surprise coming from this particular paper.

Call the House Judiciary Committee:


  1. We want to know why Congressman Hyde is conducting a Judiciary Committee investigation on the case of Leonard Peltier without informing all of the other committee members, including the Ranking Democrat, John Conyers.
  2. We also want to know why none of Mr. Peltier�s attorneys have been informed about this investigation.
  3. We strongly oppose the conducting of an investigation whose pre-determined goal is to oppose clemency for Leonard Peltier, rather than allow all sides of the situation to be heard fairly and equally.
  4. Amnesty International, the Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, several members of Congress, and millions of US citizens have looked into the case of Leonard Peltier and determined that he should be immediately released. We suggest the Judiciary Committee thoroughly examine our reasons, including the utilization of falsified evidence, the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and the coercing of witnesses in gaining Mr. Peltier�s conviction. Equally important, the US Attorney has admitted on several occasions that he cannot prove who shot the agents. Documentation to all of these claims is ample, and can be provided to the Judiciary Committee by Mr. Peltier�s attorneys.
Call Congressman John Conyers
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  1. According to the "Washington Times" Congressman Henry Hyde has initiated a Judiciary Committee investigation into the case of Leonard Peltier.
  2. Leonard Peltier is considered by Amnesty International to be a political prisoner who should be "immediately and unconditionally" released. Literally no evidence exists as to his guilt.
  3. Congressman Conyers has long raised questions as to the fairness of Mr. Peltier�s trial and we are upset that he has not been included in the investigation.
  4. Congressman Hyde openly opposes Leonard Peltier�s release through Executive Clemency, and has initiated the so-called investigation for this reason only.
  5. We are calling to urge Congressman Conyers to intervene in the investigation by voicing his concern with the many improprieties involved in the conviction of Leonard Peltier, as he has rightly done many times in the past.
  6. We strongly oppose any investigation that will not be inclusive to our many concerns about the Peltier case including the utilization of falsified evidence, the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and the coercing of witnesses to gain a conviction. Any investigation that fails to do so would be unfair, deceptive, and an unjust interference of the clemency process.

Clemency review worries House Judiciary chairman
Hyde says inquiry on Peltier blocked by administration

By Jerry Seper, The Washington Times

The chairman of the House committee yesterday accused the Clinton administration of blocking efforts to find out the status of a pending clemency review for Leonard Peltier, the American Indian activist convicted of murdering two FBI agents in a 1975 shootout.

Rep. Henry J. Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, sad he is "concerned about the possibility" of clemency for Peltier, now serving two life terms at the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., in the murders of Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams.

"When I learned the Department of Justice was actively reviewing this case, I wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno twice requesting information relating to the clemency review," Mr. Hyde said in a statement. "in response, DOJ refused to provide answers to my inquiry on the ground that clemency and pardon matters are subject to executive privilege," the Illinois Republican said. "I am concerned about the silence from DOJ and the White House on this matter. This should be an easy decision ? Leonard Peltier should serve his complete sentence and should not receive clemency."

Mr. Hyde has begun a committee investigation into the matter. He also sent a dozen letters yesterday to law enforcement associations nationwide, outlining the case against Peltier and describing his concerns about a possible clemency order.

The clemency petition is under review by the Justice Department, which will make a recommendation to President Clinton in the case. The department has refused to hand over documents to Mr. Hyde concerning the review, saying Congress "has no authority whatsoever to review a president�s clemency decision." Justice Department officials have confirmed the review is ongoing, but have declined to elaborate. Peltier, 55, filed a petion for clemency in November 1993, his third such request. President Reagan rejected a similar petition in 1982, and a 1989 request was administratively closed by President Bush. The Supreme Court has twice denied without comment Peltier�s appeals of his conviction.

Eligible for parole in 2008, he was convicted in the June 26, 1975 murders of Mr. Coler, 28, and Mr. Williams, 27, and sentenced June 2, 1977, in Fargo, N.D. His conviction came after he fled to Canada and was extradited to the United States.

The killings occurred at South Dakota�s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, near Wounded Knee, when Peltier� van was stopped by the agents looking for a suspect in a kidnapping and assault. According to court records, Peltier was himself a fugitive and thought he was about to be arrested.

The records show Peltier fled the van with two others and began shooting at the agents with semi automatic rifles. Mr. Coler and Mr. Williams were wounded immediately. Crime-scene experts said the agents fired only five shots before being hit, compared with more than 125 bullet holes found in their car.

Prosecutors said Peltier and two other men approached the wounded agents and fired three shots at point-blank range, hitting Mr. Williams in the face as he knelt and Mr. Colder who was still unconscious. twice in the head.

Law enforcement authorities from throughout the country have united in a letter-writing effort to prevent Peltier�s release ? led by the 9,500-member FBI Agents Association and by agents at the bureau�s 56 offices nationwide.

The association, in a recent letter to Mr. Clinton, described Peltier as a "murderer with no respect or regard for human life." It told Mr. Clinton there was "no justification" for a grant of clemency, calling Peltier "a vicious, violent and cowardly criminal who hides behind the Native American Community."

FBI Director Louis J. Freeh also has opposed clemency, saying Peltier's guilt "has been firmly established." Mr. Freeh has said the agents were killed with rifle bullets at close range after they had been wounded in a gunfight.

"The FBI cannot forget this cold-blooded crime nor should the American people," Mr. Freeh said in a statement.

Efforts by the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee for a clemency grant by Mr. Clinton have drawn noticeable support from the Hollywood community, which contends ? but has offered no proof ? the FBI withheld or planted evidence and coerced witnesses to win Peltier�s conviction.

That effort has been led by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Robin Williams and Robert Redford. The defense committee has said it received positive reaction from both Mr. Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

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