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The purchase of the Crandon mine still chokes me up when I think about it. It is a wonderful example of the worth put on protecting the environment, in this case the water, by Indian Tribes and environmental advocates. Using $16 million dollars to protect the Wolf River and tributaries has to be a reality check for everyone who has bought into this mad, mad, mad, mad world we live in. Way to go!!

Loretta Webster,
Land Management Attorney
Oneida Nation
Oneida, WI

I am speechless, too! We never thought that this decade-long fight will be ended in this way. All participants did a real good job.

congratulations from Vienna,

Thomas M�llner
Society for Threathened Peoples, Austria Working Circle Indians North America


Ruth Rosenhek
Protect Lake Cowal

There are no words to describe the feelings and thoughts that are travelling through my mind, heart and spirit. For now, I'll simply say, the spirits know and they listen.

I'm also very, very happy for the people who fought this good fight and humbled by the strength and determination of all who have stayed with this to victory. Congratulations to all.

Al Hunter
Anishinaabe community chief , Ontario

It is wonderful to hear a fitting end to your long struggle. We have watched and supported your struggle for years, hosted visitors here in Canada and learned very useful lessons from the excellent activists we have met who were involved in your movement. One small victory which we hope can become an example and inspiration to others as we try to change our world for the better.

In solidarity,
Ken Traynor, Researcher
Canadian Environmental Law Association
130 Spadina Ave., Suite 301, Toronto, ON. M5V 2L4
ph: 416-960-2284 fax: 416-960-9392
email: website at
and our library site

Solidarity with the tribal purchase of Crandon rights

Dear friends

The purchase of the Crandon rights by Indian tribes is yet another example of how a determined and organised people could effectively challenge corporate greed. We of the Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining(WACAM), in Ghana are delighted about this innovation. Our organisation is faced with simmilar challenges and we wish to congratulate our compatriots for this gallant struggle that has dealt a big blow to those who seek profit at the expense of the dignity and survival of indigenous people.

Your strugle has moved the fight forward. To all those who supported this struggle we think your efforts have been worthwhile. We need to learn to globalise the struggle through solidarity. The success has encouraged us.

Thank you,
Daniel Owusu-Koranten
Executive Director of WACAM
Ghana, West Africa

Congratulations on a huge success and an incredible opportunity to bring justice to the tribes of Northern Wisconsin, the state and all it's residents - more importantly to human kind and all living creatures!

We at Headwaters Foundation and Fund of the Sacred Circle were excited to hear your good news.

Joy Persall

A special Thanks to the Mole Lake and Potawatomi communities.

I received the good news of your victory for Wisconsin's environment from e-mails by the Midwest Treaty Network. I rejoice with you that the grounds containing the Crandon mine and the Wolf watershed area have been removed from the power of those who do not respect the health of Mother Earth. Hallelujah! I am grateful that Indian people have regained some land which had been taken out of their care. This is quite a happy land deal and I forwarded your good news by e-mail to some of my friends in Minnesota.

Now that minerals will not be ripped out of the ground for short-term profit, there is one less industrial customer for the immoral Arrowhead powerline. May your success in defeating the Crandon mine carry you forward to defeat the Arrowhead powerline.

Diane J. Peterson
4051 Gisella Boulevard
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110

Sincere congratulations to the Sokaogon Chippewa and Forest County Potawatomi for your victory on behalf of your communities, the rest of the people of Wisconsin, Mole Lake, Spirit Mountain, the entire Wolf River Watershed and its forests, creatures, plant communities and clean air, in purchasing the Crandon Mine site!

We take heart from your perseverance and your victory.

Best wishes!
Susan Czopek
Tom Myers
Christie Whiteside
Great Basin Mine Watch
Reno, Nevada

Congrats to everyone for your hardearned fight!� Blessings to everyone for your work, and for keeping your hope to give all our emerging generations a future.� We also are celebrating victory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.� On Oct. 28th, voters of Albq. voted against a street bond that was to fund the Paseo road to descreate the Petroglyphs!�And so we celebrate with you in spirit and prayers to everyone!� Again, blessings to you all!�

Ah'h'sii'ah'he'eh'lan (Sincere Thanks)
Pam Malone
Member of SAGE Council

Yeaaa!!!!! I am so happy that the tribes were able to do this. Congratulations!! It makes the rest of us more hopeful that maybe we can follow in their path.

Charmaine White Face
Cowboy and Indian Alliance
Manderson, SD

As a long-time former Wisconsin resident, I was elated to learn that the tribes have purchased the Crandon Mine site. This is a significant victory for Native Americans and all other Americans. It successfully removes the most obvious and serious environmental threat to Wisconsin's beloved Wolf River, and its associated wetlands, rice beds, and other resources.

I wish to applaud and commend, with all my heart, the tribes and their supporters for achieving this wonderful outcome to what had been a more than two decade long environmental version of trench warfare.

During this otherwise appalling time of the Bush Administration and Congress methodically reversing over thirty years of environmental progress, the tribes' purchase of the Crandon Mine is a momentous cause for celebration. It is also a timely confirmation and reminder that "endless pressure, endlessly applied" remains the indispensable methodology of those of us who care about the environment and are willing to stand up to the corporate "Goliaths".


Richard Spotts
St. George Utah

This was a mighty battle, and your victory will send ripples throughout the world, spiritually as well as physically. You have served notice that indiscriminate destruction of Mother Earth for the financial gain of a few can and will be stopped. This is the beginning of a cleansing long overdue.

Patricia Phillips
Bartlesville, OK
2000 Walk to Remember walker

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wonderful, wonderful news! Some breath of hope in a world that otherwise seems to get worse every day.

Virginia Ravenscroft-Scott

I think it is great that an Indian tribe was able to overcome powerful opposition and put to rest the Crandon mine issue hopefully for ever. I feel grateful to them and all others who fought to preserved the quality of the water running into the Wolf River.


George F. Pratt MD


Words cannot describe to you how much your actions are appreciated. As a community, you have stood in strong opposition to multinational corporations and set precedence for environmental preservation in this state and beyond. You have shown us all that when we stick together, we can accomplish great things. In this day and age, we humankind, move forward at an unfathomably fast pace. It is reassuring that at least some of us stop to think about what we are doing to our planet and inevitably ourselves before moving forward.

Let us not forget about this wondrous blue-green oasis in the midst of cold, dark space we call home. By protecting this planet we allow ourselves to evolve to our fullest extent and allow the world around us to do the same. Let us learn more about the world around us and how to better be caretakers of it. Let us not forget how truly precious the gift of life is, and how quickly it could cease to exist.

There is much we have already learned about earth and ourselves. Sometimes we use that knowledge to suit our ends. In this, we are just part of the web of life, no better than insects and no worse. Yet, time and evolution have given us consciousness. We can understand the consequences of our actions and change our behavior.

To all of you who have devoted so much of your time and efforts to protecting this earth and future generations....

N��'eshe, Go raibh mile maith agaibh, Danksche, Toa chie, Tika hoki, Mii gwetch,
Thank you.... keep up the good work.

Take care, be well and shine on,

Jonathan Schwartz-Redfox

Congratulations everyone involved!! Quite a victory. Time to take a deep breath, wear a big smile, and reflect on all the years past...and then...write a book for all us 'newbies in the mining fights' to follow.

Again, thanks for your time and efforts, it is appreciated.
Mary Nitkowski

Congratulations to all who worked so hard for so long to reach this day!� You're not the only happy folks celebrating this victory over pollution of the Wolf River. The next seven generations and those which follow will cherish your memory.�

June and John Schmaal�

This just goes to show all tribes the fighting we all have to do in our own " backyard" so to say. Excellent news for all. Very proud of everyone involved.

Lorna Christjohn

Congratulations to us all. My daughter will grow up hearing the stories of this great victory. Sometimes it takes decades, but the good guys eventually win.....

Jen Falck
Oneida Tribal Member


...for making the terror of the Crandon Mine possiblilty go away forever.

Julie Hillery

Best news that I've ever heard, a big yawko to all!

Ron Hill, Oneida Nation

I've watched for years as the battle went on for clean water. I've prayed more times than I can remember for a solution. I have kept all those in mind who have fought with honor and dignity and have prayed for strength and perseverence for all.

Hearing the news of the recent purchase was the most enlightening feeling I have had in a long time. It is good to know there are people who still believe so strongly in a cause they are willing to risk life and limb if need be to hold on to what they know is right.

The purchase of the mining site is one of the most rewarding examples of gaming money put to good use in its purest form!!!! Well, not that we should be keeping score, but it feels soooo good to know the water will be safe for generations to come. One for the NDN's and -0- for the cowboys!!!!

People from all across Indian Country are celebrating with you! For that matter, people all over the world!!!

Yaw^ko to all who fought the fight and won the battle. Skan^ to all of you- I will continue to send my prayers to keep you all in good health and spirits.

Susan G. Daniels, Oneida Nation
Bear Clan

I just want to extend my congratulations to the Forest County Potawatomi Nation on their efforts to protect Mother Earth and her waters. I feel that this is another excellant example of one of the benefits of gaming!

Leland Wigg-Ninham, Oneida Nation

To a fight long fought
To a people forever strong
To all our children for years to come
Victory is sweet today!

from one of your supporters from the Oneida Nation.

I want to thank the native american tribes who bought the property called the Crandon mine site. I know they more than anyone in this country know we are just stewards of this planet and it owns us we don't own it. Bravo!!

Wendy Dickinson

Congratulations on the purchase. Seven generations thank you too!

"Dr. Michael Korbol"

To the Tribes and Midwest Treaty Network,

Well done!

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." -Albert Einstein

Tom Hermann
6278 County T, Egg Harbor, WI 54209
phone: 920-743-6034

This is the best news I've heard in ages!!!!

My heartfelt thanks to the Ojibwa and Potowatami tribes and to YOU ALL who made this possible, ESPECIALLY you who went to the meetings and devoted untold hours to doing the work. This is an incredible gift to the whole state and to future generations. I am SO proud of Wisconsin and I'm proud of us!!!!

w/ love & gratitude
Cathy Debevec
Madison, WI

To all human beings that cared, fought, and gave altruistically to preserving our waters and land against destruction and a huge corporation! What a wonderful success. We hope you allow yourselves the time (it's hard) to just bask in the feeling of great accomplishment!

Hope all else is going smoothly for you. Take care.

Love and Peace,

Carl and Carol Zimmermann
Oxford, WI opponents of Perrier

To all the amazing people who never gave up the fight,

Can it be true, the worries are over-no mine? How exciting, and slightly unbelievable. During the few meetings I was able to attend, since the the mid 90's, I was inspired by the dedication and determination of the diverse members present. The struggles, the set backs, the farewell cards to the incoming companies...and the power of people working together have all been used in my classrooms over the many years to show what can happen when people come together.

Jennifer Varsik

I'm speechless

Andy Gokee
Red Cliff Chippewa
Midwest Treaty Network
Stevens Point

Congratulations to the Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa and Forest County Potowatomi tribes on their victorious purchase of the Crandon Mine! Congratulations to the many grassroots activists who stood beside them, the local people who saw with their hearts the right path, the people from distant communities who gave of themselves even when their own resources were stretched thin! You all have shown the world the strength of community and good intent against corporate greed. You were undaunted even when told that you couldn't fight something so big and powerful, even when told it was a "done deal".

We have set a precident in this state that will not be forgotten!
Cassie Brewster, Lac du Flambeau

I want to share my joy and thanks to the Forest County Potawatomi and the Mole Lake Band of the Sokaogon Chippewa with you all. I have talked with several people yesterday about this purchase - and we were all stunned and overjoyed to hear the news. Several people had to double check - couldn't believe that such good news was really true. We talked about it at the beginning of a meeting of our Rural Land Legacy Committee (formed to preserve rural and natural land in our county), and we all were joyful there too for your action.

This is a great day for the earth!
Jill Bussiere, Wisconsin Green Party

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for all of your dedication and relentless hard work. This victory has touched the lives of so many people and given hope for the future to people like me. I am a student at UWSP. I attended the Student Mine Summit that was held on the Mole Lake Reservation 2 � year ago I believe. Meeting everyone that was fighting for the preservation of this sacred land and marching to the mine site was an experience I will never forget. My excitement and pride, for this triumph over capitalism and exploitation, goes out to all environmentalists and tribal members and advocates for the land who have put their heart and sole into this issue.

With love of the earth.
Sarah Gomoll
2901 5th Ave, Apt 1
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Hello from Madison, my name is kelly diouf and i just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to you all!! All your hard work and dedication has paid off! I am so proud of everyone that played a part in this and so happy for us all, thank you for keeping strong. In a world where it seems like the unjust always win, this victory not only provides so many lives with an ability to continue being as they were (or improving), it also is an inspiring example to me to keep struggling for what we know is right and just!

kelly anne diouf

That is wonderful news. Great reason to celebrate all the hard work and dedication.

Beth Brown

Hi all,
I was really excited to hear about the SCC's possible purchase of the Crandon Mine site! I worked with Larry Nesper and Tom King on the Traditional Cultural Property Report last year and since then have been following the story closely.

Although I am unable to attend meetings in Mole Lake, I want to express my deepest support and excitement that this battle might finally be over.

Anna Willow
4126 Green Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

Siyo....this is Jes Rountree, from Oostburg, WI. I have been following your struggle, and now want to say "congratulations" on you success. Your land is now back where it belongs. I am glad to see that native ,and non-native people aligned to fight this fight! How different from the experiences of the people in this region in previous years. Perhaps this is a sign of more good things to come!

On my part I say, Wado,

Dear Wolf River Activists,

The Wolf River Crandon Mine issue was the first featured location of the Federation of Fly Fishers, Endangered Fisheries Initiative. The FFF played a very small role in your 25+ year struggle to protect the headwaters of the Wolf River. About five years ago I spent two weeks fishing the Wolf River and am pleased to know that the roar of the current, the quiet mists of dawn and dusk, and the swarms of the gray fox mayflies will be there the next time I visit the river.

Congratulations to all of you. It is a tragedy of this civilization that you had to give up so much time and energy so the right thing would be done.

Phil Emmling
VP Conservation
WI Council, Federation of Fly Fishers
Phone: 608 262-2899
FAX: 608 262-0454

To all of the people that have worked tirelessly against the Crandon Mine for soooooo many years, I send my heartfelt appreciation and THANKS!!!

While my wife and I live across the state, we did what we could over the years to help the movement to stop the mine - we marched, we wrote letters, we lobbied our legislators - but I knew in my heart that it would be the local people that would need to put the nail in the coffin of that environmentally-unsound and shortsighted plan.

We have family up in Wabeno and were proud of their efforts in opposition as well.

Thanks again for what you have done, you should all be very proud of the amazing thing that you have accomplished.


John Bailey
Grantsburg, WI

Hi, To all the MTN folks, Chuck, the "old buzzards" and all of you who organized locally in so many ways, and especially the Mole Lake, Potawatomi and Menominee tribal communities: My most heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for efforts that will enrich the lives of generations to come. It's taken a long time to get here, but the reward of coming to know so many good people has made it a good journey. Thanks again!

Kevin Brewster
BushLeague Consulting

I am so happy that the tribes purchased the mine. Your consideration for the environment is so great!

Christopher Zanowski, M.Ed
Director of Student Support Services
Chair of the Academic Staff Committee
University of Wisconsin-Parkside

We want to thank all the very determined individuals who were able to persevere to the end and cause this wonderful victory for present and future generations!

We have the greatest respect and admiration for you.

It is so encouraging to finally see the good guys win one!

Thank you
Curt and Carolyn Parker
Arbor Vitae Wisconsin

What a day of victory!! Our warmest regards and congratulations all our friends in northern Wisconsin on the purchase of mineral rights to stop the Crandon mine project.

Our deepest thanks to the people of Mole Lake and Forest County Potawatomi for doing the right thing and putting an end to plans to mine in wetlands and headwaters. I know what a long, trying time it was to fight this battle over many decades and I am profoundly grateful and respectful of the sacrifices you and the other townspeople and reservations in the northwoods have made.

To Fred and Frannie and all our friends up north, we share your joy and celebration.

Ellen Smith,
(& UW Whitewater lecturer)

Power to the People!

Miigwetch to the Sokaogon, the Potawatomi, and the Menominee peoples; to NiiWin!! Miigwetch to the Wolf Watershed Educational Project, Midwest Treaty Network, and the many other groups that have contributed to this victory!!

How long has been your struggle toward this victory?. How many phone calls, meetings, trips, conferences, rallies, letters to the editor, legal briefs, interviews, tribal resolutions, on-line postings, dinners ? How many new friends and allies ? How many stories told? How many prayers offered?

Miigwetch for your labors of mind, body, and spirit.

You have not only defended the waters of Rice Lake, the Wolf River watershed, all the living things connected to these waters, and the graves of your ancestors against degradation.

You have stopped the flow of cyanide across our highways and byways in Wisconsin and beyond. You have worked preventive medicine for many families who will never know. But we will remember.

You have taught us something of your indigenous histories and lands, and in doing so have reminded us of the power of knowing who we are, and remembering where we are.

You have taught us new things about the very old tradition of creating alliances and friendships between native and nonnative people that is our almost forgotten heritage in the Great Lakes, and have helped us to remember your sovereign traditions that rights come with responsibilities to the present, the past, and the future.

After these many years of struggle, with the purchase of this mine site the Sokoagan and Potawatomi peoples have reminded us as well that it is not a question of money or not, of capitalism or not, of globalization or not. It is a question of sustainable economies? a question of creating economies for life, rather than death.

Miigwetch for your many gifts to us! You are together a bright light in a dark time, and your light shines over the world. Miigwetch for showing the world that we can fight and win for life.

We will remember?

I will remember, tell, and celebrate this story you have made.
Susan Gooding Danbury, WI, St. Croix Lands, Chippewa Ceded Territories

On behalf of the many Milwaukee friends who have come to northern Wisconsin over the years to witness for justice and resource protection, CONGRATULATIONS to all those who have fought the Crandon mine for so long.

To the NiiWin tribes, to the many townspeople off-reservation, to the allied groups like Wisconsin Resources Protection Council, Wolf River Education Project, Mining Impact Coalition, Midwest Treaty Network and the many devoted groups and individuals too numerous to mention, and especially to the Mole Lake Sokaogon and Forest County Potawatomi, we send our profound thanks to you for protecting the waters and people of Wisconsin.

Rural organizing in Wisconsin the last two decades has provided inspiration and lessons for the grassroots movements across the Midwest including our cities: Witnessing against racial violence; putting in place renewable energy alternatives and organic farm models and products; fighting the power lines. And now comes news of the extraordinary victory of small Wisconsin Native nations and their neighbors against a series of multi-national mining companies and other owners of the Crandon mine site.

Your allies in this urban center are rejoicing. I know Walt Bresette is smiling. As we said in the Walleye Warriors book:

"Rural and urban destinies are interwoven. Borne on the winds from factories [and coal-fired power plants] in Milwaukee and Chicago is the acid rain that poisons northern lakes and replaces the crayfish in rivers with "elephant snot" algae. Back through the cities come the rivers with farm manure runoff and the toxins from mines. The foreclosures of small farms and the boom and bust economy of mining drives more rural Americans to the cities [already overburdened] and exacerbates rural anger towards the urban "crime/welfare" tax drain. . . . (p.239)

"Urban-rural solidarity can heal the division we feel from the land and our history if we understand that the loss of rural culture is as grave as the crisis in our urban cores. The cities' food, water and electricity come from rural or "wild" areas. The land rights of Native Americans and small-scale farmers are the pith of the same system as urban energy and economic development and of the sustainable economic transitions we will all have to make. The cities can not go on surviving at the expense of the countryside/wilderness. The countryside/wilderness cannot thrive without cities becoming ecologically sustainable. . .

The political barrier that often seems to exist between urban and rural politics is really a place where progressivism intersects with meaningful conservatism--one that conserves the earth and traditions of cultural value.

. . . Who can teach us more about politics as well as ecology than those who have lived here the longest?" (p. 224)

In this light I hope tribes in northern Wisconsin will look at the impact of the PSC's recent approval of coal-fired power plants in Oak Creek near Milwaukee and consider its impact on reservation air quality and on off-reservation fisheries and sugar maples.

For now let us celebrate the good news in northern Wisconsin and let us always remember the lessons and the many decades of hard, amazing work done by activists, on-res and off-res, and by allies, near and far.

Rick Whaley
Rick Whaley was spokesperson of Milwaukee Area Greens 1994-98; member of Milwaukee Greens Mining Task Force (precursor of the Southeast Wisconsin Mining Impact Coalition) and co-author with Walt Bresette of Walleye Warriors: The Chippewa Treaty Rights Story (1993, 2003)


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