Tribes Buy Crandon mine site: Photo & Movie Gallery

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MOVIE 1: Mole Lake Ojibwe veteran Jerry Burnett taking an American flag he had always flown upside down (as a distress call) turning the flag back upright, as he said " I fought in Vietnam. When I came back, I swore I would not fight another war except in defense of my country. And then I had to fight the mining company to defend my own soil. And we have won this war. Now the war is over."
MOVIE 2 : Potawatomi tribal member Dennis Shepherd posting a SOLD sign over the Nicolet Minerals sign, exclaiming "We rocked the boat. Now we own the boat."
MOVIE 3 : Crandon mine victory powwow in Brown Co. Arena, Green Bay, Dec. 6, 2003
MOVIE 4 : Gathering to mark the final mortgage payment of $8 million by Mole Lake to purchase half the Crandon mine site from the BHP Billiton mining company, on May 31, 2006.
MAP Mole Lake & Forest County Potawatomi Communities Crandon Mine Purchase 2003  
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