Lake Superior Youth Conference
and Winter "GREEN" Gathering

Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation, Wisconsin

February 25th-26th, 2000

For more information: Katherine Morriseau home: 715-373-0356
office:715-779-3700 x 22

The Lake Superior Youth Conference and Winter �GREEN� Gathering was born from a committee of the Red Cliff Band Of Lake Superior Chippewa community members with a desire to encourage involvement for critical concerns affecting our environment. This indigenous community is located on the southern shore of the Great Lake Superior in the State of Wisconsin. At this event we will present environmental issues and the Process of Advocating for Environmental Preservation and Protection.

This motivation came in part, from a legacy of leadership and advocacy by the late Walter Bresette. Walter is remembered as a longtime defender and inspiration on environmental issues and more to the Red Cliff Community and to advocates and adversaries around the globe. In recognition of his spirit and perseverance, this gathering is dedicated to Walt and is intended to pass along the tools necessary to another generation that will soon be on the front lines to decide these issues. Walter knew that the environmental issues of today are not necessarily about our own communities. We are part of a global village and share the responsibility of global citizenship.

As we are part of a global village. The concerns and policy are complex. We envision a global citizenship, a global concern and global implementation of policies. Where do we go from here? Where have we had an impact? Can we reverse the trends of consumption? Can we make a difference in the way we use our natural resources? Yes-we can! We can start with a look at our past and reach out and grab onto our future!

This conference has a targeted audience of teenagers - our youth - those who are the next generation of advocates. We will present the issue of water as a global concern. We will address some specific concerns surrounding water quality and present advocacy and actions that are taken and the results of advocacy and how it does affect policy.

The committee of individuals that have brought this conference together are those that are currently advocating environmental issues, dealing with the client affected by environmental effects on human health or are currently working with our youth. Beyond our occupations, we are parents, active community mentors, and concerned citizens. Many of us are also Anishnabe. (Anishnabe is the traditional name for the tribe known as Chippewa) Beyond our tribal memberships, we were born in to a culture that has always considered the Earth itself as our Mother. We carry the environmental issue of protection as a teaching that we are inherently responsible for. Those teachings also reinforce a respect for the past by listening to the voice and experience of our elders. We are also taught to value and honor our youth as they are our leaders of tomorrow. Our children are a gift from our reator and are our future. These teachings tell us that we are one of four beings. We are human beings, the least of all the beings. Without the animal beings, the plant beings, and the elements of the Earth beings we cannot survive. We are responsible to these beings for their care. We remain a being because of them.

These teachings are timeless, respected and accepted by many cultures today. These teachings are logical as well as inspirational. We will reinforce these traditional teachings and present these issues from this perspective and combine the skills of contemporary education as necessary tools of advocacy.

The targeted audience are youth from around the bi-national waterways. Our goal is to have youth representation from the Ontario First Nations as well as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota Tribes. Our intention is to have equal representation from the US side of Lake Superior and from the Canadian Province of Ontario.

The first annual is scheduled for February 25th and 26th of 2000. The first and second annual will be hosted by the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa on the southern shore of Lake Superior. It is our mission to bring the Anishnabe Nations together annually. The vision beyond is for this event to �travel� annually to other indigeneous communities around the Lake.

Our objective is to bring together our elders with our youth, to promote a working relationship between all of our indigenous people, present the histories of actions and the results of advocacy, encourage Tribal participation in the process, and forward the long term commitment to protect and preserve our environment. We will present the issues of our yesterdays, today and some of the potential future issues we will face. We will present the histories of tribal involvement and the results of tribal participation. We will address some current issues and the ways that tribes can and do participate in the decision making process. We are connecting with the next generation of caretakers to secure a continuation of a committed involvement in the future management of our precious natural resources.

The Lake Superior Youth Conference and Winter �GREEN� Gathering is a two day annual event. The first day of the event begins with a Conference on Environmental Issues and Advocacy. Day two of the event is a traditional Gathering to celebrate this awareness with a Traditional Pow-Wow, Feast and Giveaway that is open to the public.

This years conference portion will be held at the Isle Vista Bingo Hall which is located in the Red Cliff community and within the reservation boundaries. It will begin with a traditional prayer to be offered by an Elder and traditional songs relative to this event. The conference will be facilitated by two Committee Members that will move us through the activities of the day.

The agenda begins with a presentation of the Biography of the late Walter Bresette, to whom this event was inspired and dedicated in memory and honor of. The presenter for this is Andrew Gokee, a Red Cliff Tribal Member and family member.

Presentations will go on to include the issues and avenues of advocacy. Specific environmental issues are Global Warming. Kory Groetsch, GLIFWC Environmental Biologist and Lake Superior Binational Work Group Member will present the Nine Nasty Contaminants being targeted by the Lake Superior Binational Forum for Zero Discharge. A sixteen year history of advocacy will be presented by Michael Lang of TOSC with regard to a local Coal Tar and Sediment Removal effort.

Through the voices of experience and commitment, we will hear from Leo La Fernier and Henry Buffalo as to �Who Put the Coffee on First� on the road to and about the journey to a Supreme Court Decision for the now active and authority of The Voigt Task Force. Another journey to a Supreme Court decision will be presented on the Mille Lacs Decision. Eric Johnson of Cape Croker First Nation brings his experience of advocacy which resulted in a Provincial Policy decision upholding the inherent rights of his band of Ontario Ojibway. These lawful decisions are a direct result of tribal participation and how we can and have affected policy and laws. Eric will also present �Building Regulation to Protect Medicines.�

We will present the mission of advocacy through closing the conference with a presentation called the �Advocates Toolbox�. This is being presented by Bob Olsgard of the Lake Superior Alliance. The interactive presentation of the �Advocates Toolbox� will allow opinions and goals of participants to be gathered. Those goals will then be outlined and monitored throughout the year with participants. At the next annual conference these goals and the progress and efforts to accomplish these goals will then be reviewed.

On site at the conference will also be exhibits that are geared toward the issues and concerns we are addressing. We have invited a number of foundations and organizations to send information for grants which address environmental issues. Each participant will be taking home information packets on the issues and grant information to allow proactive partic

ipation in the process. We are submitting this proposal to bring this gathering of individuals together. Our budget includes planning, fundraising, travel, meals and accommodations for participants, chaperones and presenters as well as expenses associated with our traditional gathering. Total budget for this event is approximately $32,000.00. Approximately $15,000 of which has been donated as in kind from Red Cliff Agencies and programs, local businesses and numerous individuals that have volunteered toward the success of this event. Leaving approximately $17,000 represented by financial support to be received. As of today, February 8th, we have recieved a commitment for approximately $ 9000. We are still seeking funding to be applied toward the overall budget for this event. Acheiveing this goal is entirely possible! Please feel free to pass this along to any potential supporters. Checks can be sent to The Red Cliff Tribe, PO Box 529, Bayfield WI 54814 and are to be made payable to The Red Cliff Tribe with a memo noting Winter �GREEN� Gathering. The committee will follow up with a narrative evaluation of the event as well as a financial reporting of your investment.


Tentative Agenda:

Thursday, February 24th, 2000:
Travel to Bayfield Wisconsin
lodging check in
Friday, February 25th, 2000:
Lake Superior Youth Conference
at the Isle Vista Bingo Hall-Red Cliff Reservation
8:00-9:00 Conference Registration-Check in at the Isle Vista Bingo Hall
Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15 Prayer and Welcoming
9:15-10:00 Walter Bresette Biography
presented by Andrew Gokee
10:00-10:30 Global Warming Presentation
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:15 The �Nasty Nine� Contaminants
presented by Kory Groetsch, Environmental Biologist, GLIFWC member of Binational Forum Work Group
11:15-11:45 Kreher Park-Lake Superior Coal Tar Contamination and Sediment Removal Effort
presented by Michael Lang, Michigan State University, Project Assistant, Great Lakes & Mid Atlantic Center for Hazardous Substance Research
11:45-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:15 The Journey of Advocacy towards the Supreme Court Ruling of the Voigt Decision
presented by Leo La Fernier & Henry Buffalo
1:15-2:00 The Mille Lacs Decision
2:00-2:45 Building Regulations to Protect our Medicines
Eric Johnson Cape Croker
2:45-3:00 Break
3:00-5:00 The Advocates Toolbox
presented by Bob Olsgard, The Lake Superior Alliance
5:00-6:00 Open discussion
6:00-? Pizza Delivery
optional evening activities:
Drum Warm ups
Saturday, February 26th, 2000
Winter "GREEN" Gathering
Traditional Pow-Wow at Bayfield High School-Town of Bayfield
9:00-11:00 Continental Breakfast at Isle Vista Bingo Hall
11:00 Drum Warm Ups and Drum Registration
1:00 Grand Entry
5:00 Feast
7:00 Grand Entry
Sunday, February 27th, 2000
Check out 11:00 am
for more information: Katherine Morriseau home: 715-373-0356
office:715-779-3700 x 22




Walt Bresette Memorial at Red Cliff
February 23, 2001

FROM: Leah La Pointe
Lake Superior Protection Coordinator
Red Cliff Tribal EPA Office (715)779-3700, ext. 22

Dear Friends,

Boozhoo! We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. We are planning a memorial for Walter Bresette on Friday, February 23, 2001 here on the Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation north of Bayfield, Wis. We are going to start at 3:30 with a Memorial Walk/Run from the Bayfield School to the Red Cliff Bingo Hall. Then we are going to have at 5 pm an opening ceremony with honor songs, at 5:30 a chili and frybread meal, at 6 pm traditional storytelling by Delores Bainbridge,and at 7:30 pm there are going to be a few speakers (TBA) with their remembrances about Walt. From 9 to 10 pm will be traditional drumming by the Buffalo Bay Sobriety Singers Drum.

As you may be aware, last year Red Cliff hosted the WinterGREEN Gathering Conference and Powwow. The original idea was that Red Cliff would host the event for the first two years and then it would be passed on to different reservations. We have formed a Green Gathering committee and have decided on a different and more hands-on format for this year's activities. As always, these events are dedicated in the memory of Walter Bresette and keeping his ideas concerning the environment alive within our community.

We will be holding a series of mini-conferences throughout the year. These events will include traditionally relevant activities accompanied by workshops concerning environmental issues of the Lake Superior Basin. For instance, this spring we are planning a mini-conference about sugarbushing. There will also be speakers and workshops presenting environmental information about forestry and land use issues. The series of mini- conferences will incorporate how we affect our environment and in turn how our environment affects our traditions. We will be focusing on the youth population but any interested people are cordially invited to participate.

We invite everyone to attend the special February 23 memorial to Walter and kick-off to this year's Green Gathering activities. We believe in Walter's philosophies about preserving our environment for future generations, and we think this will be an excellent opportunity for all to come and share their experiences related to Walter and his causes. Please join us in celebrating Walter Bresette's life and honor all the good he brought to the Red Cliff community and Native communities throughout Wisconsin. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Leah La Pointe at (715) 779-3700 ext. 22.

Miigwetch and giga-waabamin!

Leah La Pointe
Lake Superior Protection Coordinator
On behalf of Green Gathering Committee

Red Cliff Tribal EPA Office
(715)779-3700, ext. 22

Protecting and preserving the environment for seven generations and beyond!

More on Walt Bresette on Midwest Treaty Network website:
Condolences and Remembrances:
WinterGREEN Lake Superior Youth Conference 2000
Student Mine Summit at Mole Lake, April 27-29, 2001




Lake Superior Youth Symposium for grades 8-12 students to be held May 17-20 at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. Registration deadline is April 5. A news release is below.


4th Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium


Mark your calendars now for the Fourth Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium on May 17-20 on the campus of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan! The symposium will bring together grade 8-12 students and teachers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario to learn about the Lake Superior and the Great Lakes watersheds. The goal of the symposium is to promote stewardship of Lake Superior and the Great Lakes amongst tomorrow's leaders and decision-makers.

More than 60 different field trips and presentations will be offered on a wide variety of topics, including history, geology, water quality, forest management, pollution threats, environmental stewardship, artistic expression, and student initiatives. Invited presenters include Michigan Tech, Northland College and University of Wisconsin faculty and graduate students, plus specialists from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Isle Royale National Park, Keweenaw National Historic Park, Michigan Sea Grant, the Great Lakes Aquarium, Trout Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation, Lake Superior Alliance, Mead Paper Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, plus many educators, artists, and writers. Lois Beardslee and Ron Hobart will both be guest presenters at the symposium. Lois Beardslee, an Ojibway artist, author, and storyteller from Maple City, Michigan will present a program titled, Native American Arts, Stories & Spirit that includes story-telling and teaching of traditional Ojibwe arts, such as porcupine quillwork, sweetgrass and birch bark basketry, birch bark cut-outs of animals, birch bark bitings, and cedar fiber weaving. Ron Hobart, of Hayward, Wisconsin will present a program titled 'The LaSalle Presentation' that portrays a 17th century voyageur garbed in authentic clothing-muslin shirt, canvas pants, wool socks, and moosehide moccasins, as he travels through the Great Lakes. Ron will also host a Voyageur Rendezvous at McLain's State Park and offer symposium participants the opportunity to paddle on the Portage Waterway in his 36-foot long voyageur canoe!

Symposium registration $100 per student and $125 pre teacher/chaperone. Registration covers meals and lodging for the entire 3-day symposium, plus all field trips and presentations. One teacher/chaperone per 10 students is required. Registration is limited to the first 400 students to register.

Registration deadline is April 5, 2001.

This exciting symposium is being organized by the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach at Michigan Technological University, the Copper Country ISD Math and Science Center, and many other agencies and organizations. Funding for the symposium comes from the Wege Foundation, the Elizabeth E. Kennedy Fund, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Copper Country ISD Math and Science Center, the Keweenaw Community Foundation, Mead Paper Division, and the Lake Superior Binational Forum. Copper Country AmeriCorps is a partner in conducting the symposium.

Symposium coordinator, Joan Chadde, explains the purpose of the symposium, "Our goal is to increase understanding of challenging environmental and scientific issues, enhance appreciation for the diverse natural, cultural, and historical resources of the Lake Superior region, and promote personal involvement in creating solutions. This will be an exciting learning opportunity for all!"

Visit the symposium website at: for online registration and symposium program information, or contact Joan Chadde, at the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach at Michigan Technological University by phone at 906/487-3341 or by email at


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